Tenants Views

(original quotes available to view on request)

When viewing our properties we prefer to leave you with our existing tenants so you can find out what we are really like. We think we get on well with all tenants. See a selection of comments below:


"We enjoyed our two years at the flat. Thanks for looking after us so well"

Jeff T,

"You guys were great landlords. You took care of any problems quickly and efficiently.

Jamie B,

"We had 2 great years at Shaftesbury Grove. We didn't want to leave."

Rebecca. "Thanks for being such a lovely landlord. We really enjoyed our two years at Third Ave".


We enjoyed living in your flat and thank you for being there when we had a problem! Promise not to loose anymore keys". Love Faye.


"We would like to thank you for managing the property so well and making our stay very enjoyable".


Once again thanks for being a super landlord. All our friends were jealous. We were happy to give you a good ref. Regards Amy.