Renting from Ultima Properties couldn't be easier.


We use the standard 'Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement' The whole group will sign the same agreement for the 12 months and you will be jointly responsible for the total rent.

Tenancy deposits and guarantors

You will need you to pay a deposit, and may also ask for a guarantor as part of the contract or take up references. We may also ask you to pay rent in advance.

Paying a deposit

We ask for a deposit to cover missing rent or damage made to the property. We always provide a written receipt for money.
We are members of the Deposit Protection scheme. Your deposit is returned to you subject to agreement at the end of the tenancy.


We may ask you to provide a guarantor who agrees to cover costs of the rent, or pay for any significant damage to the property. Most students use a parent or guardian.

Your responsibilities

You will be required to look after your property in a reasonable way - for example, emptying bins and keeping the house tidy and clean.

Safety and repairs

We ensure that all the gas appliances are given a safety check every 12 months by a Gas safe engineer. Safety certificates are left at all properties. Armchairs, sofas, mattresses and other upholstered furniture have the kite mark on them, showing that they meet the British Safety standards.

Repairs are always carried out promptly.